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Air freight is a high-speed shipping method that involves transporting goods via aircraft. This mode of transportation offers fast delivery over both short and long distances, making it ideal for time-sensitive shipments and global trade. Air freight services utilize the capacity of commercial airlines and dedicated cargo planes to swiftly move items, ensuring efficiency and accessibility to various destinations around the world.

We provide extensive Air Freight Services, making the world smaller for all cargo requirements with space reserved on the world’s leading commercial airlines to and from major destinations worldwide. The skilled airfreight staff’s guarantee services that will meet both time and price sensitive demands of the customer. For Cargo receiving, storing, pre-carting and stuffing we can use our Warehouse facilities at the cargo complex of Dhaka International Airport with ROUND-THE-CLOCK operational facilities. A rented warehouse with 3500sft capacity is also at our possession for cargo waiting to be consolidated

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We will always strive to be your complete commercial Air Freight forwarding solution, offering expert, professional & and reliable logistics services that deliver the right results, whenever, wherever!