Air Import

Air Import

If you are importing to Bangladesh, AIT's customs brokerage team also offers a "Wheels Up" service, enabling your shipment to clear Bangladesh Customs while it's still in the air—speeding up transit times as much as a full day.

As a member of the Transport Asset Protection Association, AIT's locations feature multiple, advanced safety and security features, including 24-hour monitoring, closed-circuit cameras, keypad access and strict driver check-in and escort policies. All our United States facilities are also authorized economic operators. Learn more about our credentials and approach to cargo security.

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Adaptable, reliable, and coordinated arrangements in an always-changing environment

Your Business is Our Priority

It doesn’t matter what you’re shipping, where your goods are going, or how quickly they need to get there, it’s our business to make your air freight business run smoothly.

Project Forwarding

Handling of any size of project from planning, budgeting to follow up with suppliers and delivery on time within the agreed budget, we can manage your project from start to finish including close follow up with suppliers and clients

Export Packing

Some know that we are an export packing company for large projects like moving factories or installing refineries. However, we also are an export packing company for smaller freight that needs crating, skidding, and palletizing.

Contract Management

Break Bulk Management

Imported cargo can be cleared at the port of entry using sea containers. We can provide the pertinent guidance on any handling fees at the destination port because we are so familiar with the terminals.

General Forwarding

Build a strong, predictable supply chain backed by Consolidation & Logistics Services Ltd’s years of experience in international Ocean Freight shipping

Our services comprise of:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Wide network coverage
  • NVOCC Operation
  • Import Break Bulk
  • GOH Handling
  • Innovative and sophisticated systems and tools
  • Door to Door delivery
  • Inland Forwarding/Transportation
  • Project Cargo Handling
  • Frequent calling with a very desirable transit time
  • Reliable consolidation at origin and deconsolidation at destination

Global Air Freight

  • Put your time-sensitive cargo on the next available Ocean Freight.
  • Influence better rates by combining your shipments with others
  • Save money with conceded dispatching alternatives on your lower-need orders than can hold up a couple of days
  • Limit dealing with and potential harm for delicate shipments
  • Lessen stockroom stockpiling costs
  • Save money with conceded dispatching alternatives on your lower-need orders than can hold up a couple of days
  • Increase start to finish control and permeability over your flexible chain