Air Export

Air Export

CML Consolidation & Logistics Services Ltd provides top-notch air export services to customers worldwide. Our air export services are designed to meet the unique needs of each customer, ensuring that your cargo is transported safely and efficiently to its destination

When it comes to export, these two aren’t as different as it might seem to you. when you deal with air export from other country, there are some guidelines you need to follow. After all, knowing law regulations and requirements is of the utmost importance. So, below you will find the documents you will need in order to export safely.

While obtaining all of these licenses and permits might seem complicated, it is a breeze when you have the right help. Just like with an international move, the professional help of our movers is of immense value. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us lend you a hand!

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It doesn’t matter what you’re shipping, where your goods are going, or how quickly they need to get there, it’s our business to make your air freight business run smoothly.

Adaptable, reliable, and coordinated arrangements in an always-changing environment

Project Forwarding

Air export project forwarding is a specialized freight forwarding service that involves the transportation of oversized or heavy cargo for large, complex projects via air transportation. It requires expertise and coordination to manage multiple aspects of the shipment process, including packing, documentation, customs clearance, and coordination with airlines and ground transportation providers. Air export project forwarding provides faster transit times and increased flexibility, but can also be more expensive. Working with a reputable freight forwarder is crucial to ensure proper handling and timely delivery.

Export Packing

Air export packing for freight forwarding involves the careful and secure packaging of goods for air transportation to an international destination. The packaging process includes an assessment of the goods, selection of appropriate packaging materials, preparation of goods, packaging, labeling, and documentation. Proper air export packing is essential to ensure that the goods are transported safely and comply with regulatory requirements. It is important to work with a reputable freight forwarder who specializes in air export packaging to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination in good condition.

Contract Management

Air export contract management for freight forwarding is the process of managing the contractual relationships between parties involved in the air export of goods, including negotiating and drafting contracts, ensuring compliance with regulations, managing risk, monitoring performance, and resolving disputes. Effective contract management is crucial to ensuring a smooth and efficient transportation process and can help minimize risks and costs.

Break Bulk Management

Air freight break bulk management for freight forwarding involves disassembling and transporting oversized or heavy goods in multiple parts. It requires careful planning, coordination, and documentation to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of the goods. Proper packing, customs clearance, and transportation coordination are crucial for the success of break bulk management. It is important to work with a reputable freight forwarder with expertise in this type of transportation to minimize risks and costs and ensure timely delivery.

Air export

  • Commercial invoice
  • Customs entry document (our advice for you is to hire a broker to deal with this part of your air export)
  • Export License (heads up – you need to obtain this from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment)
  • Export packing list
  • Certificate of origin
  • Insurance certificate
  • Weight certificate
  • Certificate of Inspection (depending on where you will ship your goods, the country of import might require your goods to be inspected by an international age