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The shipping industry transports cargo through designated sea routes

Project shipment demands more than standard logistics; it requires a strategic orchestration of resources, knowledge, and precision. Our approach is centered around customization and collaboration. We delve into the unique requirements of each project, working hand in hand with our clients to devise tailored strategies that encompass every facet of the journey.The shipping industry transports cargo through designated sea routes.

Shipping is the process of transporting or movement of goods from one place to another. Goods are either transported through air, road or sea. The modes of shipping may vary depending upon the type of goods being transported.

Exploring Our Role in Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport's Third Terminal (HSIA)

CML Consolidation and Logistics Services Ltd., located in Bangladesh, stands as a prominent forwarder company specializing in efficient project shipments within the region. Notably, we have played a significant role in the HSIA expansion project of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, reflecting our dedication to vital infrastructure development. Our operations involve the transportation of steel structures and raw materials from DONG SUNG HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD in Busan, Korea. Upon the vessel's arrival at Chattogram Port, we meticulously handle all essential customs documentation processes. Once customs clearance is secured, we engage reliable transportation services to convey the containers to Dhaka Airport. The final leg of our journey sees us seamlessly hand over the containers to the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh at Dhaka Airport, marking the culmination of a well-coordinated and successful logistical endeavor.

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Powered by machine learning and robotic support, ship orders faster while keeping optimal stock across our asia centers.

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Put your brand and customer experience front and center. A dedicated success team consults on shipping and serves as your eyes at each center.