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The shipping industry transports cargo through designated sea routes

Shipping is the process of transporting or movement of goods from one place to another. Goods are either transported through air, road or water. The modes of shipping may vary depending upon the type of goods being transported.

Freight forwarders can negotiate lower shipping rates

Unless you’re tendering hundreds of shipments a year, you’re unlikely to be in a strong position to bargain directly with carriers. In contrast, freight forwarders have the volume to negotiate—savings that they can then pass along to you, the shipper.Since they’re working with multiple ecommerce merchants, they can also help to consolidate freight, so that all the companies involved receive a better rate.

Accurate inventory and orders

Powered by machine learning and robotic support, ship orders faster while keeping optimal stock across our asia centers.

Onsite support and experts

Put your brand and customer experience front and center. A dedicated success team consults on shipping and serves as your eyes at each center.